Washington Travel Magazine Editors Barry & Bobby Murray

Publishers and Editors Barry and Bobby Murray—

It is hard for some to understand that this total publication is produced by a husband and wife team from Alaska. However, their background is such that they indeed are experts in tourism in Southwest Washington State.

Barry Murray has been a magazine photographer/writer since the 1950's with travel and adventure story credits in LIFE and Holiday magazines. He also published the very successful high-end print magazine, Economic Currents, for the economic development for the Columbia River area. His advertising agency, Mac&Murray Multimedia, discovered the power of the Internet very early on, taking his travel tour clients, online, to the top of their industry almost overnight.

Bobby Murray met Barry while working as a tourism director for the Mt. St. Helens area Chamber of Commerce. She comes from a video background producing many public television programs. As she and Barry worked together producing web sites for the Mt. St. Helens area she became an expert in web site development and search engine optimization, as well as discovering a talent for still photography.

Contact for Barry or Bobby Murray:
Mac&Murray Multimedia
1121 Harrison Ave. Ste. 333
Centralia, WA 98531
Phone: 503-753-5868
E-Mail: macandmurray@gmail.com(This is a spam proof e-mail address and will only get to us if you click on it)

Washington Travel Magazine Columnist Bill Goodwin

Experience WA Outdoors columnist Bill Goodwin—

Barry and Bobby realized that they needed help, not being able to do it all. It is part of their passion to help young aspiring writers and photographers to contribute to the development of e-travel magazines. They convinced a bashful Bill Goodwin, an avid outdoorsman, to come aboard and work with their team. Bill was born and raised in Washington State and spends 90% of his time in the great Washington outdoors, hence the name of his column, Experience WA Outdoors.

Contact for Bill Goodwin:
E-Mail: BillGoodwin@WashingtonTravelMagazine.com (This is a spam proof e-mail address and will only get to us if you click on it)


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