Tyee Trail Travel Tour

In our e-travel magazine style we decided long ago that the desire of our reader/viewers/travelers was that when it came to spending precious vacation days the journey was far more important than the destination. This is why cruise ships have packaged shore excursions, and five-hundred dollar a night resorts in Mexico have guides to help guests save a few pesos bargaining with street vendors in a nearby village.

Consider this; somehow a person has acquired an unexplainable notion to visit the Mt. St. Helens National Volcano Monument to buy a T-shirt, or a humorous ash tray made out of volcano ash. They board a plane distinguished only by the brand of peanuts they serve, through a ubiquitous airport as Dallas/Fort Worth, or Heathrow, or whatever, that looks very similar to PDX, at Portland, Oregon— the closest International Airport to the mountain.

As there are no world class resorts that escort visitors for a day trip to the commercialized, and crowded, side of the mountain for a quick look, and since car rental vendors offer better rates for over a weekend use, we recommend making the flight worthwhile by extending a visit to one volcanic mountain, to three! And waterfalls, a gorge that rivals the Grand Canyon, views of wild horses. Even more important, give yourself time to be a cultural and history tourist —to really know a place— by perhaps asking a Yakima Indian why their nation has never signed a treaty with the United States government. Or, more currently, how it happened that David Sohappy spent five years in a federal prison for not apologizing for supposedly fishing out of season?

Whoops. See, I meet someone —perhaps an motorhome traveler from our www.RVTravelMagazine.com— interested to know if it is worthwhile traveling the special back roads of America, and I babble on, “Oh, you have to see this, to understand that!” The symbol here of our Southwest Washington “Indian country” travel tour is Tasagaglaal, or “She Who Watches,” a petroglyph with great meaning along the trail.

The short answer for today off, “Is the trip worth the gas?” is to come along on this preview travel tour.

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